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Autolike.online is a free auto liker for Facebook that increases likes on facebook without paying ie. it's a free auto liker for Facebook. We have over 150,000 users who use our site daily. Our Auto Liker is very different from any regular network. We've made it fully automatic to get Auto Likes. All you have to do is login and you'll be abl to take likes to any post of yours.


We do NOT store your email or password.

how to get auto likes on Facebook?
Read the detailed guide with video here. The process is pretty simple. Once you have logged in you just have to submit your Facebook post ID or you post URL and then enter the amount of likes you want. Currently our auto liker max 500 likes per submit. That means every 15 minutes you can get 500 free auto likes on status, photos, videos of yours! If you still have any doubt you can read our full guide with video tutorial of auto like facebook from the "Help" option in the menu Machine Liker, DJ Liker.

Why use our FB Auto Liker?
The answer is simple, we don't spam. Our Machine Liker (DJ Liker) runs on donation by our users. We are not greedy like others that we spam our users to get money. We get enough money by donations and ads that we can run our servers and that'll all we need!

Is Android Application available?
There will be one released soon till then you can use our site, works awesome on mobile too.

Are Likes and Reactions sent instantly on my post?
Yes. Likes are sent instantly on your post. You don't have to do any survey or wait for hours to get them.

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